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Questions and Answers

Everything You Need to Know

How many hours a week can I save?

With MJB Virtually Yours, you can save anywhere 5 to 15 hours per week. You’ll save even more time than your assistant clocks in because we’re very experienced in administrative tasks and can typically handle them faster.

What’s the best thing to outsource first?

Our clients (small business owners and executives) usually outsource their email inbox management and calendar management first because these are sneakily time-consuming tasks. When offloaded, you get time back in your day immediately. However, you can start with whatever task or project is most pressing. Learn more about what we do and book a call to talk about your specific needs.

What if I’m too overwhelmed to train someone?

That happens. Fortunately, we can pair you with an MJB Virtually Yours Assistant who is already trained in the skills you need. Of course, you will have to show them the ropes of your specific business, but the good news is that we’ve already done similar work for other clients and they have a ton of experience in serving clients remotely.

Why should I pick MJB Virtually Yours?

If you want to work with a smart, experienced freelance virtual assistant who is trained and ready to help you, lives in the US, and has a college degree, then you should choose MJB Virtually Yours. With 2-hour response times, working with MJB Virtually Yours instead of a basic Virtual Assistant is an absolute no brainer.

Can I talk to someone about my unique needs?

Of course. We’d love to chat with you. Many of our clients prefer to have a consultation before signing up. Ask us any additional questions you might have and talk to us about your outsourcing needs so we can make sure that there will be a virtual assistant who can expertly assist you.

Ready to get help? Let's do this.

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